Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lights, Lasers, Action: What's a few large to upgrade your light show?

There's no doubt it's all about presentation when it comes to putting on a show. Sure, you can plug in your instruments and play some awesome music, but there's more to life than just sounds. There is also lights.

That's why we decided to drop a few grand on upgrading our substantial lighting arsenal. You can check out some of the pics and a video below. You're looking at two badass (and very bright) lasers and 4 led 360 moving heads (the led saves power and therefore the environment).

We're going to be busting these bad boys out at our CD release parties.

Missing from the pictures is our 12 foot by 7 foot LED video board. You'll most certainly know it when you see it. But right now, we're pretty sure it's on a freighter somewhere in the Pacific, but it should be here shortly. We can't wait to see that thing in action.