Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Upcoming Shows: All over the State

We have a handful of shows coming up in the next few weeks. You can always go to to check out our schedule and what not, but here's a list for you:


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Muzik Reviews on PGPBL

From Muzik Reviews:

Most people wouldn’t expect a strong electronic sounding pop/rock album to come out of Arkansas, but Boom Kinetic has done just that. The band formed in Fayetteville in 2006, and is comprised of Wiley Seeger, Zach Gump, Aaron, Schauer, Greg Guillot, and Miguel Gamboa. Together they have put together 49 minutes of pop/rock-goodness on their debut album, Part Gray/Part Bright Light.

Read more at:

Muzik Reviews

Monday, October 3, 2011

This Week in Shows: George's Majestic

This week you can find us over at George's Majestic Lounge rocking the garden on the night before the Razorback Game. That's Oct. 7th starting around 9pm. It should be lots of fun.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Boom Kinetic Song Featured on Benefit Album

We're very happy to announce our song, "Ordinary People", is featured on a benefit CD to help people affected by Hurrican Irene. The album is on iTunes and has lots of great music on it, so you should check it out.

Below is a press release from Brain Fuse Records:

Brain Fuse Records, releases a benefit CD with the help of musicians from around the world,
for the Hampton Roads area and hurricane Irene cleanup, featuring MTV featured hit
songwriters and other Internationally touring artist.

August 28, 2011 (Williamsburg, VA) – Brain Fuse Records announces the release of “Hampton
Roads – A Benefit CD” to benefit people in need in the Hampton Roads area and people affected by
Hurricane Irene. Brain Fuse Records will be the record label operating under the Step 3
Entertainment LLC name and catering to alternative, power-pop and pop-punk music scene.
Step 3 Entertainment is a company based out of Williamsburg, VA that operates Step 3 Publicity, Step
3 Entertainment Record Label, Brain Fuse Records and “Studio 3” Digital Recording Studio. Step 3
Entertainment (S3E) was put on the publicity map when it’s owner, George Walsh, decided to do a
string of benefit concerts and CD releases to donate time and money to help people in need. In 2010
S3E released the Indigo CD which was sold to raise money for teen suicide during a time when there
was a multitude of teen suicides due to bullying issues. S3E also has started the open ended tour
entitled Recovery Rocks, which changed its name to Angels Across America Tour to help non-profit
medical centers and alcohol/drug treatment facilities in the US. These concerts have featured label
founder, George Walsh, and other musicians including hit songwriter Robbin Thompson from the
Robbin Thompson Band, known for his hit radio songs, Sweet Virginia Breeze and Candy Apple Red.
Brain Fuse Records will share the responsibility of Step 3 Entertainment’s non-profit contributions.
Every year the company will put out a benefit CD to help a non-profit organization and this year’s
benefit release will be Brain Fuse’s inaugural release with “Hampton Roads – A Benefit CD”.
The benefit CD for The Hampton Roads is a world wide effort in which the record label obtained song
licensing from artists in multiple countries who were willing to help the region with cleanup after
Hurricane Irene and other needs of our community. Some of the CD’s notable artists will be #1 ITunes
hit songwriter and MTV Featured, Ryan Calhoun, Brain Fuse Records founder George Walsh, Eatliz
from Isreal, Dreamwalk from Slovenia, Nena and the Superyeahs from Italy and Kotadama from
Walsh will not be the only local Hampton Roads musician on this CD as he is joined by The Smiths
Go to Washington and the Bobby BlackHat Walters.
This CD is a mixed genre of socially responsible music ranging from pop to rock and will be for sale in
digital format available on ITunes and Amazon MP3 music website.

Step 3 Entertainment owner and Director of Business and Talent Development, George Walsh, said
there may be a limited edition physical CD made of the Hampton Roads benefit CD and may be sold
on the company website for people who want a copy to collect or at a benefit concert that is in the
The non-profit organization that is the main beneficiary of the funds is the Grove Christian Outreach
Center in Williamsburg, VA. Step 3 Entertainment will also be asking other non-profits that will be
helping in other areas in VA if they are in need of funding and may be splitting the money up as
needed as people’s needs are brought forward. 100% of all profits from this CD will be donated.
The Grove Christian Outreach Center is helping with relief directly and indirectly related to hurricane
Irene as well as other basic community support for people in the region.
The artists and songs on the CD are as follows.

Craig Lyon – Here and Now (USA-NY)
Kotadama – Endure (Australia)
Aduro – House of Cards (USA-VA)
Eatliz – Sunshine (Israel)
Nena and the SuperYeahs – A Little of You (Italy)
Dreamwalk – Simple (Slovenia)
Smiths go to Washington – Dharma Daydream (USA-VA)
Boom Kinetic – Ordinary People (USA-AR)
Bobby BlackHat Walters – Put on Your Red Shoes (USA-VA)
Ryan Calhoun – This is Your Life (USA-CA)
George Walsh – Angels (USA-VA)
Noah Silver Band – Cupid’s Come Around to Me (USA-D.C.)

For more information on Step 3 Entertainment visit, and for more information on “Hampton Roads – A benefit CD” please visit For more information about Grove Christian Outreach Center
please visit

It's all Fun when the Drumline Joins In

It's not every show that we can say that we had a 20+ piece band, but a special moment at the University of Central Oklahoma gave us that chance. During a pep rally we were playing, we noticed the school's band standing nearby and invited their drumline to come join us on stage for the song, "Cursive". It's pretty sweet so check out the video.